At Chem4Chem, we aim to match product, market and available technologies to help make value chains more robust and profitable.

Many of these needs are met by collaborations with strategic partners. Additionally, the highlighting of promising cutting-edge technologies and their creators is enabled by maintaining dialogues with sources of innovation and through participation in forums, symposia and conferences.


Established in 2005, Chem4Chem initial activities focussed on the supply of special chemicals for use as intermediates in the synthesis of sophisticated performance products. Trading in this field demanded a thorough knowledge of chemistry and an understanding of the expertise of different producing companies internationally, with a special interest in Chinese producers.

The role of science in innovating new ways to produce unusual intermediates was underlined by experience gathered at companies like Shell International Chemical Company, Boehringer Mannheim, Helm, IGM Pharma, MPI Pharma and more recently, at TNO, the Dutch applied research organisation.

The business driver for process improvement has to be checked and verified at each stage. Adopting innovative methods does cost investment initially, but with the correct analysis, does bring rewards expressed in waste reduction, yield improvement, operating costs optimisation and higher specification products.


Jean-Marie Bassett is a graduate in chemistry, with a PhD gained at the University of Bristol, UK, in the field of zero-valent organometallic chemistry. This was followed by guest scientist positions in both the Technischen Universität München (funded by The Royal Society of London) and The City University, London. An industrial career at the companies mentioned above started initially with research and development, but was followed quickly by departure from the lab into commercial roles focussed on business development and innovation.  Jean-Marie has published 21 articles in scientific and industrial journals. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Chemistry Today, published by Teknoscienze srl.


For all other publications, please look at my Research Gate profile.

Our expertise

At Chem4Chem we have over thirty years of experience in the chemicals industry. We have understanding of chemicals, speciality chemicals, fine chemicals and pharmaceutical chemicals – market, value chain and role of technological innovation.

Our services

  • Chemicals : market research, market analysis, market/technology matching.
  • Business evaluation for technology transfer.
  • General : Marketing materials, text optimisation, translations to English.